Food Safety Policy

ADERCEREAL, LDA carries out its activities in the scope of:

Commercialization, production, storage, and distribution of dry compound foods for pet birds, rodents, and sport horses, without controlled temperature.

Associated with all these services are concepts such as Ethics, Dedication, Trust, and Quality.

In this sense, the management of ADERCEREAL, LDA considers that the implementation of a Food Safety Management System, in accordance with the requirements of ISO 22000, is fundamental in achieving an image of excellence and commits to:

  • Prioritize ensuring the safety of the produced foods by providing safe products;
  • Provide employees with the necessary training so that they can perform their activities with competence and motivation;
  • Maintain adequate communication with all stakeholders (suppliers, customers, regulatory authorities, and others) regarding food safety information;
  • Provide conditions for the implementation, dissemination, and compliance with the Food Safety Management System by all employees;
  • Periodically review the Food Safety Management System to achieve continuous improvement.

We aim to ensure high standards of quality and food safety in the services provided, in accordance with customer requirements and applicable technical and legal requirements to our activity.


Adelino Pereira and Deolinda Henriques
Date: 20/07/2022

ADERCEREAL – Transformation and Trade of Cereals, Lda
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